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By giving people the incentive to do good, they will do good. Bodant believes that more businesses should position themselves this way, for themselves but also for the world we live in. Bodant is commited to donate upwards of 25% of our monthly revenue to wildlife, sealife and forest projects in order to preserve the beauty of our planet.

See our motivation
See our motivation

Latest collection.

A few of the necklaces that came with the latest season.


$18 $32

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Single pearl

$18 $32

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Star sparkle

$19 $26

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$17 $32

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Secure yours!
Secure yours!



Secure yours!
Secure yours!

Solid bliss


Secure yours!
Secure yours!

Wishful youth


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Secure yours!

Elegant denim


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Changing the world together with our customers.

There is something inherently wrong with socieity. Don't worry, it's not neccessarily your fault. You see, we raise our kids telling animals are our friend and we coexist with all these amazing species on earth, hanging wallpapers of lions or big forrests on our children's walls, yet we should ask ourselves the question if these people will ever see the animals they saw on their walls as kids alive in the flesh instead of a nature documentary about animals we drove extinct. Now you can ask yourself the question: Will we look back on a time where we could have done something about it but didn't, or a time where people came together and changed the world for the good, for future generations. Changing the world is not as hard as people think, participating in it is the first and most curcial part.

Bodant will donate 10% (or more) of our monthly profit to wildlife, sealife and forest projects in order to preserve the beauty this world enhibits.
Our vision for the future
Our vision for the future

16 tonnes CO2 saved


 so far

That's the same as 16 passenger flights from London to Tokyo

Season 2 rings.

A grasp of the rings that came with season 2's collection.


$15 $32

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$17 $32

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White void

$18 $32

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Round depth

$16 $32

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How can we offer amazing products at such low prices?

In order to offer you high quality for a low price we ship our products directly from the manufacturer. This way we don't need to have a warehouse with employees and we can bring the price as low as possible. This is why shipping might take 7 to 40 days.

Progress towards the new season.

8 times a year we update our catalog with new bling and apparel. Days till next season: 20
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A grasp of our customers' reviews.

Want to write a review? You can do so by sending your review to Reviews are the best way for us to be able to make the site a better and smoother experience for our customers. By sending in a review you have the chance to receive a discount code of 15%.

4 days ago

"It definitely gives you a good feeling. Ordering something for yourself while making the world better is a wonderful idea."

By Hannah M.
1 days ago

"Quality of the item was better than I expected. Overall a very pleasant shopping experience."

By Marcel S.
1 month ago

"Received my order way earlier than I expected. Hats off to you guys!"

By Robert B.
12 days ago

"One of my favorites"

By Marlin P.
12 days ago

"I'm all for it! More businesses should do something for the world we live in."

By Raymond D.
12 days ago

"Love buying from them, good quality and an amazing mission."

By Sophie O.

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